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Caixa Galicia

Teradata and Caixa Galicia: Transforming Corporate Culture

In the case of Spain's Caixa Galicia, the act of instituting profitability measurements is altering the way the bank thinks about business and how it structures itself. With the implementation of a Teradata system and Teradata Value Analyzer, Caixa Galicia is changing the focus of its day-to-day and long-term objectives and is now able to pursue a wide range of new commercial strategies based on its customers' as well as its own profitability.


"Once we had the information at the contract level, Teradata Value Analyzer gave us the ability to easily calculate the profitability of the contracts."

Borja de Carlos, Director of Management Information Systems, Caixa Galicia, 2007

Caixa Galicia's Teradata CRM portfolio was chosen through a highly competitive selection process. Now the bank can better analyze and personalize communications with its growing customer base. Caixa Galicia had previously implemented an enterprise data warehouse from Teradata and Teradata Value Analyzer, which provides insights based on detailed profitability analysis.

The bank's evolution of profitability can be sorted into three parts:

  • Integrating the contract profitability at branch level
  • The ability to help concrete business — for example, credits cards — scheduled for completion by the end of 2007, which will allow for profitability-driven evaluation of each bank branch
  • Integrating the direct and indirect costs of servicing each client into the detailed profit and loss (P&L) analysis, scheduled to take place in 2008

One current pilot project involves 50 managers, each of whom will use Teradata Value Analyzer to set margins for line-of-credit renewals within his or her own portfolio of 40 to 50 companies. The managers will be able to use information on the actual internal costs of funding each product — information that was previously unavailable.


Next Steps

Teradata Value Analyzer.
Caixa Galicia now has a single, common denominator underlying all of its decisions and objectives, using Teradata to convert knowledge into power.

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