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Ask any CEO and they'll tell you: Data drives everything—every decision, every pivot, every objective, every next move. But surprisingly, when it comes to enabling data and analytics to drive the future of your business, most take the wrong approach. What's the right approach? Read on or talk to an expert to find out.
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It’s time to put data at the center of your business.

Becoming a data‑
driven enterprise starts with a shift in mindset.

It’s time to move from a siloed, proprietary, and retrospective approach to a unified, available, and answer-oriented model.

In other words, data (and the intelligence that comes from that data) must become the central focus of your business.

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Limited Value Analytics

Traditional analytics approaches restrict the value of your data and hold your business back.


Unlimited Value Analytics

Teradata helps you unlock continuous, unlimited value across your business.

Data is your most valuable asset.

But only if you make the most of it.

Global business spends billions each year on data. But all too often that money goes to management and incremental improvement, with a relentless focus on cost savings.

And that’s the problem. Data is seen as a cost to be managed, instead an asset to be leveraged to drive enterprise growth.

Teradata delivers a connected analytics ecosystem that’s ready today to deliver the future for your business.

Investing to eventually become “best-in-class” is the wrong approach when the demands of scale, complexity and speed increase exponentially each year.

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Beyond insights, orchestration.

Teradata’s orchestrated approach enables us to solve the biggest challenges and most complex, end-to-end problems using data and analytics at hyperscale.

But beyond that, when you design data for reuse, it enables a unified view across your entire business. Teradata enables a powerful analytics ecosystem—orchestrating every action and initiative, optimizing business execution, driving growth and value.

Teradata enables a unified analytics ecosystem, orchestrating every process and initiative to enable the end-to-end capabilities that push any business forward.

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A hyperscale platform for a hybrid multi-cloud world.

Teradata Vantage is a powerful, modern analytics cloud platform that unifies everything—data lakes, data warehouses, analytics, and new data source and types. Leading the way with hybrid multi-cloud environments and priced for flexibility, Vantage delivers unlimited intelligence to build the future of your business.

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Perform while you transform.

Enabling a modern enterprise analytics ecosystem requires eight core capabilities. In the case of most analytics, to increase capacity in one, you sacrifice another.

But Teradata’s enterprise-grade scalability means you can maximize each function without impacting another—a critical ability for handling the massive data workloads of the future, today.

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Limited Scale

Most analytics scale interdependently. The more queries, the slower the data availability. The more users, the fewer queries processed.


Multidimensional Scale

From queries to users to volume, as demand against one vector increases, performance isn’t lost in others.

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