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Unify All Your Data for Truly Enterprise-Wide Insights

Teradata offers the converging communications, media, and entertainment industry that no one else can: a unified data architecture, reflective of all data across your entire enterprise.

What does this do?

It removes two of the biggest barriers to using data effectively: internal data silos and getting the right data to the right people at the exact right time.  We create a data democracy where the business is not held up by IT. Rather, it is provided the insights needed to:

  • Discover where to grow new revenue and how to preserve existing revenue

  • Follow, sell-through, and react to customers’ experiences in real time, at every touch point, including customer perceived network experience and overall services and digital channels

  • Pinpoint opportunities for high-value areas and streaming services, as well as the network improvements needed to support them

  • Understand how to parlay OTT viewership into new, incremental revenue

  • Capture market share with consumer segmentation across channels, targeted with bundled streaming packages developed with price elasticity

  • Profile consumers to create lucrative opportunities to profit from data monetization opportunities

  • Leverage proprietary analytical capabilities and standard audience segmentation models, to create personalized mobile offers to drive new revenue from existing customers

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We believe defined business analytic solutions should dictate the most appropriate technical solution while simultaneously considering the most effective and efficient reuse of enabling data. Data can't be a reactionary afterthought to the applications or solutions of today. Data is the lifeblood or your organization and must be at the forefront for your competitive advantage.