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SAS® and Teradata Data Quality Advantage Program

SAS® Data Quality Accelerator for Teradata is the ultimate way for Teradata customers to improve and maintain the quality of their data. There’s no need to extract your data for quality improvements – the process takes place directly in Teradata, where your data already resides.

SAS and Teradata are the first to deliver an integrated solution to enable in-database data quality that helps you cleanse large volumes of data, integrate all data sources before loading to the data warehouse and, in the end, empower executives to make more accurate decisions.

  • The SAS and Teradata Data Quality Advantage Program combines the data warehousing capabilities of Teradata with SAS data quality capabilities for a complete solution.
  • It’s fast, accurate and reliable – and can power your most important decisions.
  • A specialized, proven set of well-defined services can help you get rapid time to value.

Primary Components 
SAS Data Quality Accelerator for Teradata includes eight in-database functions:

  • Casing – ensures context-appropri¬ate casing is used in a data column.
  • Extraction – extracts context-specific entities or attributes from text string.
  • Gender analysis – determines the gender of a name.
  • Identification analysis – determines the type of data represented by a text string.
  • Parsing – segments a string into separate, discrete entities.
  • Pattern analysis – shows simple representation of a text string’s character pattern. It’s useful to determine if further data quality processing is necessary.
  • Standardization – outputs a preferred format for all the values in a column for uniformity.
  • Matchcode generation – generates a “matchcode” for a text string. A matchcode is used for fuzzy matching comparisons between related but not identical information.
  • Quickly improve data quality. Implement a best-of-breed data quality solution – even for large data volumes – faster than ever.
  • Become more agile. React quickly to new opportunities and challenges as a result of your data quality functions happening inside the Teradata database.
  • Elevate productivity. Minimize time spent on moving and manipulating data and eliminate latency in some of the most performance-intensive steps of the data quality process.
  • Boost security. Keep data intact and in a single, highly governed environment. Seamlessly manage the flow of cleansed data. Teradata® Unified Data Architecture helps you control your data processes throughout the enterprise.
  • Keep costs in check. Use an integrated solution instead of piecemeal technology and scale processing performance as your available hardware resources increase.


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