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Teradata Vantage is the only software of its kind, capable of managing 100% of the data, 100% of the time. So you can analyse anything, deploy anywhere, and deliver analytics that matter. It’s the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence.

All of the data, all of the time.

Only IntelliCloud, our as-a-service offering, has the speed, scale, and flexibility to enable Pervasive Data Intelligence across your company, on any infrastructure, any time you need it. So you can act with confidence, innovate without bottlenecks, and achieve better business outcomes.

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Software >

Every company, every user, has unique data and analytics needs. At Teradata we pride ourselves on delivering the best tools and techniques for any project that comes your way.

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Cloud >

We eradicated the most common concerns about cloud—security, performance, migration, availability, skills and resources—with our as-a-service environment for data and analytics at scale.

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Ecosystem Management >

A flexible, cost-effective, and scalable analytical ecosystem isn’t just a dream; it’s easier and more affordable than ever with our single solution that lets you Ingest, Access, Manage, and Deploy a Unified Data Architecture.

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Hardware >

Engineered from their inception for business data warehousing, data discovery, advanced analytics, and data staging, Teradata hardware delivers analytic solutions for companies of any size.

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Open Source

Applications >

Teradata applications ensure you consistently deliver the right message to the right customer, generating real business value in both ROI and customer loyalty.

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Open Source >

Teradata has a robust open source strategy, including the professional services customers need to successfully leverage Kylo and Presto.

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