Take business analytics a step further, with Vantage

Your tools, your way

Vantage supports R, Python, Teradata Studio, Jupyter, RStudio, and any SQL-based tool. Enable various languages and tools to connect seamlessly to Vantage, with support for each tool through plug-ins, extensions, and connectors.

De-risk decisions

Vantage offers flexible deployment across public clouds, as well as on-premises, on optimised or commodity infrastructure, or as-a-service. No more locked-in licenses. No more penalties or fees for changing your mind.

Unified data analytics environment

Combine descriptive, predictive, prescriptive analytics, autonomous decisioning, machine learning functions, and visualisation tools into a unified, integrated platform.

Teradata Vantage™: Integrating analytics for greater outcomes

Customer Experience

Deliver relevant, personalised experiences in real-time, with systems that support the complexity and scale needed for today and tomorrow.

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Operational Excellence

Gain visibility into your supply networks, demand patterns, operations, procurement, manufacturing, sales, and finance functions.

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Risk Mitigation

Teradata software actively identifies and protects against potential threats and issues.

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Financial Transformation

Transform complex business operations into profitable business solutions.

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Product Innovation

Leverage custom business analytics to gain insight into improving products.

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Asset Optimisation

Vantage uses real-time sensor data to improve productivity, reduce downtime, and improve both asset utilisation and effectiveness.

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Unleash Your Business Analytics

Get answers to your toughest business challenges. See the Vantage difference.

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