Teradata Vantage™: The Platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence

Vantage is the leading hybrid cloud data analytics software platform that leverages 100% of your data to analyse anything, anywhere, at any time.

Powerfully equipped. Remarkably simple.

Vantage simplifies your analytic ecosystem by integrating data analytic functions and engines together, so you can focus on getting answers without worrying about where the data resides or how to access it.

Fully capable. Fully accessible. Fully scalable.

Vantage offers support for multiple data types with effortless scalability through fully parallel operations, mission-critical availability, and complex query performance.

Any language, for any need.

Have a preferred language? Got a certain workbench? Vantage works with a variety of languages and workbenches to ensure a personalised user experience.

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Say goodbye to data silos. And hello to answers.

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Teradata Vantage™: The Platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence

See how Teradata’s data analytics software helps businesses deliver real-time intelligent answers to users and systems across the organisation.

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