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Reduce big data complexity to bring better visibility to your business.

Teradata Unified Data Architecture™

Leading data-driven companies put data and analytics at the center of their business.  The data and analytic-centric approach, as opposed to the common application-centric approach that grows in complexity and cost over time with decreasing value, allows you to connect the dots across your business.

The Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA) helps you achieve a unified, 360-degree view of your data so you can:

  • Turn previously invisible opportunities into actionable insights
  • Power your organizational opportunities by more effectively organizing, storing, and leveraging data
  • Make smarter business decisions based on deep and relevant insights


Organizations that want to gain a competitive advantage through analytics need to adopt a comprehensive data architecture that leverages existing, new, and emerging technologies. Harnessing relational and non-relational data, and running SQL and non-SQL analytics requires specialized technologies. That’s why Teradata offers best-in-class solutions that directly address business needs, while continuing to strip out the complexity typically associated with a hybrid environment.

To that end, the Teradata UDA removes barriers to unifying the data ecosystem.

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As organizations embrace the idea of an ecosystem approach that leverages Hadoop alongside relational and other environments to harness all data, the challenge becomes connecting the dots data stored in different environments. 

Cross-Platform Access to All Your Data and Analytic Engines

Let your business work with a seamless data fabric across all of your data and analytical engines for no-hassle analytics with Teradata QueryGrid™. Users get the most value out of all your data by taking advantage of specialized processing engines operating as a cohesive analytic environment.

By transparently harnessing the combined power of multiple analytic engines to address a business question, Teradata QueryGrid delivers the most comprehensive analytic solution to businesses. Learn More about Teradata QueryGrid.

Ingest & Distribute Extremely Fast Moving Data Streams through Analytical Ecosystems

An intelligent, self-service software solution for ingesting and distributing extremely fast moving data streams throughout the analytical ecosystem is possible with Teradata Listener™. Listener is designed to be the primary ingestion framework for organizations with multiple data streams. Teradata Listener is designed to provide a self- service software solution for programmers that minimizes the complexity of building and supporting data streams, operate as a central service to ingest and write 100s of streams, reliably deliver data without loss, provide low latency ingestion for near real-time applications and run as a software only solution, in the data center or in the cloud. Learn More about Teradata Listener.

An Integrated hardware and Software Solution for Data at Scale

Organizations that need a powerful, ready to-run enterprise platform that is pre-configured and optimized specifically for big data turn to Teradata® Appliance for Hadoop. As a purpose-built, integrated hardware and software solution for data at scale, the appliance runs Hadoop software from Hortonworks or Cloudera with the additional benefits of simplified manageability and enterprise grade reliability that comes from an engineered appliance, all backed by world class customer support from Teradata. By minimizing the number of moving parts required for deployment and operations, the appliance allows companies to achieve faster time to value by just plugging the appliance into existing infrastructure, thereby leveraging your current investments in technology and resources. Learn More about Teradata Appliance for Hadoop.

The World’s Most Powerful Database  

The market-leading platform for delivering strategic and operational analytics throughout your organization so users access a single source of consistent, centralized, integrated data is available with the Teradata Database. Teradata's approach to integrated data drives the highest business value through cross-functional analysis. Learn more about the Teradata Database and Integrated Data Warehouse.

Integrated Big Data Analytics

Organizations attain unmatched competitive advantage and drive pervasive adoption of big data analytics using the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform,.The platform features Teradata Aster SQL-GR™ analytic engine, a native graph processing engine for graph analysis across big data sets, SQL and SQL-MapReduce® analytic engines that enable a variety of analytics like SQL analysis, path/pattern analysis, statistical analysis and text analysis. Learn more about Teradata Aster Big Data Analytics.

Hadoop for the Enterprise

A flexible suite of hardware, software, and services for organizations to integrate enterprise Hadoop into a Teradata environment across a broader enterprise architecture is available with Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop. Teradata has deep engineering partnerships with Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR offering customers the ability to choose which Hadoop distribution best meets their needs, while ensuring integration capabilities and the advantage of world-class Teradata service and support. Learn more about Teradata’s Portfolio for Hadoop.

A Powerful SQL Engine for Hadoop and Beyond

Originally developed by Facebook, Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes ranging from gigabytes to petabytes. Presto, unlike some other SQL on Hadoop engines, leverages standard ANSI SQL, and has been architected from the ground up for high performance interactive query processing against Hadoop and other data sources. Many SQL on Hadoop engines are limited in performance by the restriction of writing processing steps to disk, while Presto’s pure memory-based architecture is built for speed, allowing Presto to support large numbers of concurrent interactive queries against huge data sets. Building upon the Presto query engine developed and open sourced by Facebook, Teradata has made a multiyear commitment to contribute to Presto’s open source development and provide commercial support designed to increase adoption of this free, 100% open source software. Learn more about Presto or download Presto now. 

Global Brands Who Leverage Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture

Siemens - The Internet of Trains

The story of how Siemens used Teradata to leverage sensor-data analytics and predictive maintenance to reduce train failures.

Case Study  

Netflix - Using big data to drive big engagement

Learn how Netflix engages customers by leveraging Teradata as a critical component of its data and analytics platform to create a data-driven, customer-focused business.

Case Study  

NCR – How NCR Corporation Improved Quality and Time to Market for Advanced Analytics

With an enterprise-grade data lake built on Hadoop, NCR can monitor every ATM it manufactured, everywhere, and build predictive models based on data from 100% of those ATMs.

Case Study  


Roche: Doing Now What Patients Need Next with Data and Analytics

With the goal to shorten time to market for new medicines, Roche employs real world data, the re-use of clinical trial data along with advanced analytics to be on the cutting edge of delivering medical solutions right now – and develop R&D innovations for the future.



Verizon Wireless – Serves 100 Million Customers with a Unified Data Architecture

The largest wireless carrier in the United States with the lowest churn rate employs Unified Data Architecture to 'listen' to its customers.

Make your Big Data Strategy a Reality with the Teradata Unified Data Architecture
Stop hoping that your big data strategy will magically result in business value. Build a Unified Data Architecture with the value in mind. Become a truly data-driven business beyond storing big data - get insight and take action while plugging in to your existing processes and tools.

Solution Showcase: Teradata’s Compelling Open Source Strategy

Open source software provides many opportunities for the tech industry, particularly around innovation and community building. In this paper written by Nik Rouda, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), learn how Teradata leverages open source technologies to support a commercial software strategy that benefits both the company and its customers.

Make your Big Data Strategy a Reality with the Teradata Unified Data Architecture

Stop hoping that your big data strategy will magically result in business value. Build a Unified Data Architecture with the value in mind. Become a truly data-driven business beyond storing big data - get insight and take action while plugging in to your existing processes and tools.