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Teradata Analytics for Enterprise Applications

Near real-time access to integrated data from ERP and other enterprise applications gives your business greater transparency and visibility into business and customer insights, allowing you to adapt to market changes almost as fast as they happen.

Teradata Analytics for Enterprise Applications eliminates the complexity of accessing and integrating enterprise applications—including SAP® ERP and SAP CRM, Oracle® E-Business Suite (EBS), and Oracle PeopleSoft—enabling agile analytics that produce tangible business outcomes.


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Teradata Analytics for Enterprise Applications delivers value to your business by:

  • Providing business users immediate access to the freshest data through near real-time data replication, enabling faster decisions.
  • Facilitating differentiated business decisions rooted in rich, cross-functional analysis based on integrated data from multiple ERP and other data sources.
  • Gaining new, greater insights and making the best decisions possible through advanced in-database analytic techniques and best-of-breed BI tools leveraging integrated semantic layer as the foundation for an analytical environment.
  • Generating results in weeks, rather than months or quarters, through an out-of-box solution that eliminates complex and manual data management processes so you can focus on the business.
  • Enabling a scalable and high-performing solution using Teradata Database that lets your business users ask and answer any questions by drilling down into detailed transaction data.
  • Aligning your solution with your business needs by implementing a handful of business modules at a time to benefit from the enhanced visibility and timeliness of analytics in solving targeted business problems.
  • Lowering total cost of ownership by eliminating dependencies on specialized IT for data extraction and loading processes, and specialized ETL tools.


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Use Cases

Global business leaders use our Analytics solutions with integrated enterprise data to address a variety of challenges, including:

  • Enterprise Analytics: Get real-time visibility and understanding of the whole business
  • Global Spend Analytics: Gain value through direct savings or cost avoidance
  • Financial Closing Process Optimization: Gain more timely insights for making decisions
  • Distribution/Chanel Optimization: Lower costs with better aligned product flow
  • Inventory Optimization: Improved inventory planning through increased visibility

Beer and Global Analytics - What Keeps You Up at Night?

See how Teradata Analytics for Enterprise Applications easily unlocks new insights from business data and enables faster decision-making that benefits the bottom line.

Multi-chain Retailer

The company being profiled within this case study is a privately held Dutch retailer with 2,800 stores across several European countries.

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