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Web-Based Self-Service Analytics for Everyone in the Enterprise

Learn about Teradata AppCenter: Overview, Benefits, Tech Specs / Advanced Features, and Resources.


Teradata AppCenter

Teradata AppCenter is our self-service web-based platform, which allows developers to rapidly and easily create, and deploy analytical and data management centric apps to the enterprise. The framework also allows non-technical business users to visualize, query, save, reuse and share data, within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture (UDA).

Teradata AppCenter provides:

  • Advanced container based infrastructure that makes it easy for developers to create, containerize and leverage analytical code within the TeradadaUnified Data Architecture (UDA)
  • Easy to use web-based interface that will allow business users to visualize, query, save, and share data
  • Platform flexibility that allows the AppCenter to be leveraged on-premises or in the cloud


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  • Provides a robust enterprise platform that enables developers to easily develop, containerize and deploy applications
  • Decrease IT costs by reducing duplicate code development and promoting reuse
  • Improve time to business insight by improving development and deployment time
  • Ability for business users to share and collaborate on analytics and insights without requiring IT
  • Abillity to visualize and store query results through interactive charts and graphs
  • Industry leading security, management and authorization


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Tech Specifications/Advanced Features

  • Container based framework for easy management and deployment
  • Code can be written in tool of choice
  • Supports integration and running of open source IDE’s in AppCenter
  • Any existing Docker containers can be imported and leveraged within the platform
  • Web-based architecture for upload, management and usage of apps
  • Deployable in the Teradata Cloud, on-premises or in the public cloud
  • Modern code base and architecture drives scalability and performance
  • Teradata Database, Teradata Aster and Presto as targets
  • SQL, SQL MR, BTEQ and Java code supported
  • Apps can be parameterized for easy use
  • App management services include authorization, data access and usage.

AppCenter Datasheet

As a self-service environment, Teradata AppCenter enables the easy creation and reuse of analytics.


Reduce the Chasm of Data Science.

Quick Teradata AppCenter Overview

A brief introduction to the Teradata AppCenter 1.0 solution.