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Teradata IntelliFlex delivers real-time intelligence to place vital data into the hands of front-line decision makers, while extending traditional data warehouse functionality into the realm of tactical decision making. With IntelliFlex, you can combine both these strategic and operational workloads in a single data warehouse.


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Built with High-Performance Modular Technology

With exceptionally modular design and architecture, Teradata IntelliFlex is implemented with best-in-breed system elements that enable the most powerful, yet most flexible Teradata hardware platform to date. IntelliFlex features the latest 18-Core Intel®  Xeon® Processor, and the platform’s parallel architecture fully leverages both the Intel Multi-Core and Hyper-Threading processor technologies to gain maximum processor and system performance. Another key technology featured in IntelliFlex is the use of hybrid storage that now combines two sizes of Solid State Drives (SSD) for performance optimization of your data.

With Teradata’s all-SSD hybrid storage, the frequently used hot data are stored on very high-performance SSD devices that are designed for write-intensive operations (many writes per day)while the less frequently used cold data are placed on the larger drives optimized for read-intensive usage (few writes per day). Unique to Teradata data warehouses, the placement and migration of data based on data temperature is fully automatic with the Teradata Virtual Storage feature. The bottom line is that higher query throughput along with faster, more consistent query response times provide business value by allowing more real-time users, faster response to events, deeper and more complex analytics, and broader application of your active data warehouse.

Supports a Range of Performance and Capacity Workload Requirements

Teradata IntelliFlex is designed for your business requirements now and your future growth plans. How much hot data space do you need, how much processing power, what kind of query response time? Because every customer has different business needs, Teradata IntelliFlex offers a broad range of performance and data capacity to meet a variety of workload requirements. You may have fewer users or applications or need less data storage, but still require active workload management with TASM or mission-critical business continuity with hot standby nodes.

You may have outgrown the capabilities of a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance and want to step up to fully-active data warehousing.  Valuable business intelligence starts with intelligent and agile system design. Determine how much processing power—database nodes—you require for the types of applications you’ll use. Then calculate how much hot data space and warm/cold data space to determine the mixture of SSD type you’ll need. With the intelligent flexibility of Teradata IntelliFlex, you can tailor your configuration to exactly what you want now and easily grow by adding only what you need—data capacity and/or processing power.

With the intelligent flexibility of Teradata IntelliFlex, you can tailor your configuration to exactly what you want now and easily grow by adding only what you need—data capacity and/or processing power.

Allows Small or Large Additional Increments of Processing Power and/or Storage

With its revolutionary fabric-based MPP architecture, Teradata IntelliFlex is unmatched in its flexibility and scalability. By attaching nodes and storage directly to the network, scaling your system becomes effortless. Teradata IntelliFlex enables small or large increments of multi-dimensional growth—it’s your choice. Add a node or two when you need more compute power; add write-intensive SSDs when your hot data requirements increase; then boost your warm/cold data capacity by adding read-intensive SSD; and do it all independently of each other. The whole system can scale to 2,048 nodes and accommodates more than 80PB of user data. It supports 1000’s of concurrent users and 100’s of applications.

The Teradata BYNET® system interconnect for high-speed, fault tolerant messaging between nodes is a key ingredient to achieving scalability. The BYNET is based on a robust, powerful protocol with innovative database messaging features that optimize the use of a dual InfiniBand fabric for the Teradata MPP architecture.

Availability and Business Continuity via 14 Active Nodes + Hot Standby Node(s)

Teradata IntelliFlex achieves availability through Teradata’s unique clique architecture in which up to fourteen active nodes and hot standby node(s) are connected to common storage through the network. This clique approach allows Teradata Database to seamlessly failover workloads between the active and hot standby nodes in a clique if a node fails. The data resilience feature within Teradata Database manages duplicate copies of data objects on alternate storage subsystems to ensure there is always a second copy of your data readily available. The platform also contains redundant hardware components, so if a failure occurs, it won’t affect Teradata Database operation or the end-user experience. Many of the hardware components are hot-swappable, allowing service repair without affecting system availability.

Classify, Manage, and Prioritize Workloads

Teradata Workload Management provides capabilities to classify, manage, and prioritize workload so the database resources (CPU and I/O) are evenly distributed and according to the predefined priorities. TASM provides advanced, fine-grained workload management and prioritization capabilities suitable for heavy mixed workload or active environments.

Manageability and Ease of Use

The platform features simplified platform administration, control, and monitoring with the single operational view provided by the Teradata Server Management Web Services. The industry-leading, integrated systems management infrastructure monitors and controls the system, performs routine events, such as orderly start up and shut down, and prevents harm from a disruptive failure, such as a power outage or extreme heat.

Combined with Teradata Viewpoint, which provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for managing and monitoring one or more Teradata systems, the platform enables users to have continuous access to the status of their business results.

Multiple Platform Generations within a Single System

Teradata IntelliFlex and the Teradata Database have a capability called co-existence that supports multiple platform generations within a single system to ensure your current investment is completely protected. By enabling expansion through co-existence, you can grow your system to include the latest platform technology, while reaping a return on your initial technology investment and leveraging the price/performance curve as it evolves.

Saves Energy and Floor Space

The Teradata IntelliFlex platform’s performance and flexible scalability enable you to save significant energy and floor space. The densely packed cabinet provides ample processing power, CPU cores, memory, hot data space, and bandwidth in a single cabinet to easily satisfy your toughest active workload requirements. The capability to co-exist with future generations lengthens the useful life of Teradata systems resulting in less carbon and electronic waste.

A Variety of Configuration Options

Teradata IntelliFlex supports a variety of processing and storage elements fully integrated into the system cabinets for the flexibility to meet customer needs.


Configuration components include:

  • Teradata node
    The basic processing element for the Teradata Database.
  • Hot standby node
    A redundant Teradata node added to a clique to provide full performance continuity in the event of a node failure. Multiple hot standby nodes are available depending on customer requirements.
  • Data storage arrays
    Multiple storage arrays that provide both the RAID controllers and data storage drives.
  • Teradata BYNET InfiniBand Switches
    Supports the high-performance BYNET system interconnect with high availability, fault tolerant, dual networks that ensure highly scalable, error-free MPP communication.
  • Channel node
    A dedicated Teradata node that supports Teradata Database’s unique capability for mainframe connectivity. Also, the Extended Channel Server enables connection to a remotely located mainframe.
  • Teradata Multipurpose Server
    Applies enterprise-level Teradata system management capabilities to a commodity server for applications that support Teradata Database. A base model of the server can be configured to meet your needs and supports the Linux® operating system. Pre-configured models are available for specific Teradata tools and applications, such as Teradata Unity, BAR (Backup and Restore), and others. Multiple Teradata Multipurpose Servers can be supported in the cabinet and in a separate Teradata Cabinet.
  • Virtual Management Server (VMS)
    Based on the Teradata Multipurpose Servers and virtualization technology, this server virtualizes multiple key system functions into a single physical server. These functions include Teradata Viewpoint, server management functions, and the Teradata Customer Services Workstation for remote access to the system. The VMS saves valuable cabinet rack space by eliminating the need for separate physical servers for each of these functions.
  • Teradata Cabinet
    Provides a flexible approach to the packaging and management of all platform elements described above that are not Teradata node or storage related. In addition to these elements, BAR storage hardware for smaller sized systems is supported as space permits.

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